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Integrow, a company already established in the market, specializes in providing services to businesses and organizations focused on evaluating the effectiveness and cost reduction of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Ethics programs. The company also implements processes to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas for its customers, as well as conflicts of interest and legal issues.

The products offered by Integrow, developed by its team of specialists, are all anchored in the construction of an integral culture, promoting dialogue between all parties and the engagement of stakeholders, as well as in the creation or refinement of processes to monitor the compliance of guidelines and organizational practices.

Currently, Integrow is developing a new solution aimed at the niche of Civil Society Organizations, especially those that receive financing lines from the government.


Maturi is a startup with the mission to reduce the lack of professional opportunities for people over 50 years old in the Brazilian job market. One of its solutions is a job opportunities ́ platform for the 50+. It allows companies to publish vacancies for professionals to apply or to search for them within the database.

Maturi also provides educational resources and supports companies to sensitize leaders, managers and HR´s staff about generational diversity and ageism, besides conducting recruitment and selection processes.

It also puts forward  training for the 50+ working in companies about to leave their jobs allowing them to plan their new post-corporate career path.

For the 50+ that are out of the job market, the startup offers courses, online and in-person events centered in technical and behavioral training, guidance, self-knowledge and networking.

Currently, Maturi has been developing new online platforms as well. At the end of 2019, it launched MaturiServices, a marketplace for mature entrepreneurs and freelancers. Towards the end of 2020 ́s first semester the startup will launch MaturiAcademy with online content anchored in videos, lives, podcasts, articles and e-books allowing users to access these anywhere and anytime similarly to Netflix. Offerings will be centered new professional horizons, personal development and the labor ́s market future.
all bamboo (own project under development)


all bamboo is a company dedicated to the commercialization of products made of bamboo, also originated in the Bamboos Farm, located in the municipality of Pardinho, State of São Paulo, where the Jatobás Institute has been cultivating various bamboos ́ species.

all bamboo produces and sells treated sticks, bamboo shoots, seedlings, chips, charcoal, biomass, etc. arising from the sustainable management of bamboo, thus guaranteeing the environmental preservation of the Bamboos Farm as a whole. It also aims to spread the many possibilities of bamboo in Brazil and to value this raw material´s socio-environmental and economic importance.

In addition, all bamboo offers an e-commerce platform to sell national and imported bamboo products for food, cosmetics, construction and architecture, energy, leisure and personal hygiene. In this way, it will be possible to find and acquire the sector´s innovations for prompt delivery!

We value the growing demand for sustainable products and we seek through all bamboo to contribute towards the development and consolidation of this productive chain in Brazil as well as to spread new possibilities for sustainable production and consumption.


Weuse is a clothing rental platform that makes weekly deliveries of casual items for the daily use chosen by the customer. In an innovative way, it allows the consumption of clothes in the same way that people access movies and series on Netflix, or music on Spotfy

Considering that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world – generating a high environmental impact – and that people often only use 1/3 of the clothes they own, Weuse offers a more sustainable and economical way of consuming clothes , without the need to purchase them.

Weuse’s casual clothing rental service also brings practicality: the user chooses four pieces per week through the app and receives it at home or at work. Weuse has a professional laundry that guarantees the cleaning of clothes before they are sent to subscribers.

Weuse promotes sustainable consumption, based on the principles of shared and circular economy, reducing the need to buy and waste and when the clothes complete their cycle of use, they are donated or transformed into new pieces and even other products.

Casa dos Caipiras (own project under development)

Casa dos Caipiras

In alignment with several initiatives of the Jatobás Institute in Pardinho´s city, we want to strengthen the local cultural identity based on being the “root music´s Capital” along with the Cuesta´s region – formed by ten cities located in the center-west of the State of São Paulo.

Casa do Caipiras, in addition to the existing and successful web radio station, intends to preserve the region´s cultural and musical matrices and to contribute with the Local Productive Arrangement geared to boost economic activity in Pardinho.

We are working to develop a business model that reinforces the local identity and promotes it to other Brazilian regions. We want through the web radio itself, support to local artists and licensing of products to spread the religiosity, travelers’ stories, agriculture and livestock, family life and passions, all intrinsic elements of the local root culture.