Luiz Alexandre Mucerino

MBA from the University of São Paulo, Bachelor of Law and in Civil Engineering. He is the co-founder of Kaleydos, vice president of Jatobás Institute and an entrepreneur. He participates in various councils and committees within organizations dedicated to education, sustainability and social aims. He is a founding member and current adviser of the MBAs Association at FIA and the GESC Institute; founding member of the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction; board member at the Paradigm Institute, member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee at the Akatu Institute and member of the advisory council at Project Casulo.

João Francisco de Carvalho Pinto Santos

Graduated in Business Administration, entrepreneur and angel investor. Co-founder and director of Kaleydos, a platform for investment in impact business. President of The Key, a consulting firm in sustainable management and private social investment. Founder of the INDES, Institute for Sustainable Development (INDES) responsible for developing and implementing educational, sustainability and human rights´ defense projects in several Brazilian states. He is the founder of Bem Querer Mulher, a program to combat violence against women in Brazil and director of Water Polo at the Brazilian Confederation for Aquatic Sports. He has been engaged with several companies such as Petrobras, Ecorodovias, Accenture, Liberty Seguros, Serasa, Aché Laboratories, Natura, Lacta, Unilever, Philips, Rede Farmais, Magazine Luiza, Mattos Filho Lawyers, Calçados Samello, among others.

Anette Kaminski

Journalist and Master’s Degree in International Relations at The Johns Hopkins University. At Kaleydos she is responsible for coordinating all working areas. Entrepreneur and specialist in the Brazilian and international impact business sector for more than ten years. She has designed and conducted social entrepreneurship and social finance programs for accelerators, foundations, international development agencies, educational institutions, Sebrae and companies with social and environmental responsibility programs. She carries expertise with local society, culture, companies, media, public policies and the third sector of Brazil, United States and Latin America, along with the ability to interpret these trends and translate into business opportunities and innovative projects.

Gabriel Mallet Meissner

Journalist, translator and partner at Print Assessoria de Comunicação. He has developed projects for companies such as the Business Leaders Forum, Ethical Markets, SHEDI Communications, Pakprint and Entremundos. He is currently the content editor at Kaleydos’ communications platform. He carries experience in the market research sector and has worked at Brazilian Know How (currently Innova.La) and at the multinational Research International (currently TNS Brazil), as a qualitative research analyst and project manager. In this sector, he served clients from different industries such as automotive, mobile technology, cosmetics, and food.

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